14 November 2010: Fun with CLS @Home

Sunday, November 21, 2010 | |

Since i went to Ted Adnan's Lighting Seminar and attended the FOC outdoor outing for the practical session, I'm getting addicted to Nikon's CLS - Creative Lighting System; everyday, constantly changing settings, light setups, buying stuff i don't even know how to use (yet!). But CLS is a lot of fun and I'll practice it as much as i possibly can. I still can't believe that after a mere light setup and the correct light & camera settings; I'm able to capture images which do not require heavy editing/photoshoping/lightrooming/etc. I can't really explain the satisfaction of the images produced (well there's still room for improvement/exploration and not patting myself in the back so much ;P). I have to try other setups, locations, conditions, etc just to see what images can be produced. Well here are some of my pics having fun with CLS....

Equipment used: D300s, Nikon 17-55mm f2.8, 2x light stand, 1x umbrella, 3x Phottix Atlas radio triggers, 2x speedlight light stand holder & not forgetting my very own VAL - Voice Activated Light stand

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