Ultraman's Birthday in March

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 | |

" Selain daripada Arkitek, photographer, TA, CAD Operator, Secretary, Exec dan lain-lain......kami juga adalah ULTRAMAN"

Ultraman & Ultra Seven joint birthday celebration with colleagues & friends

Fried chicken, 'sambal belacan' & coconut rice? This Ultraman is really blending in with Malaysians. Another Ultraman is eating...with hands? Really blending in...
Ultra Seven & Ultraman preparing to eat
taking time to eat....maybe to recite some prayers

'Buuurrrppp' Ultraman is full. No need to change light bulb

Typical Ultraman pose to scare monsters & aliens away...

Ultraman @work on Revit Architecture 2009

Taking a break from a days work....pheww...

Practicing their fight scenes before going tru the real fight

Another practice session.

At last more pictures of their adventure! SWAAATCHA!


LaPan said...

wahahaha... Ultraman is supporter of Mercedes Mclaren? wahahaha~!

budakmiki said...

hahahaha...best giler~!hepi birthday otromen~!hahaha!sempoooiiii...... :P

LaPan said...

WAH! video sudah upload! official lagu ultraman kat background! best best! ;p

Sws said...

Di sebalik wajah otromen tiga, dia adalah bapa beranak tiga..

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